About Us

What does Rush mean?
Rush is a fraternity's process of selecting new members for its organization. Rush benefits both the individual as well as the fraternity, offering the rushee a chance to get to know the fraternity, its brothers, and potentially giving the rushee a chance to become a pledge. Rush also offers the fraternity a chance to get to know potential members and to decide which rushees will be invited to pledge.

What are the social events like?
Phi Sigma Kappa – Sigma Epsilon is a Social Fraternity. We have regular sorority socials, themed parties, weekend BBQ’s, brotherhood events, and larger annual events such as Parents Day, Founders Day Formal, Homecoming Formal, and River Rampage.

My Parents are concerned about Fraternity life. What Can I tell them?
Have your parents read our welcoming letter from our president. If they have any further questions, or concerns please contact our Rush Chair, President, or Advisor.

What about Hazing?
Phi Sigma Kappa does NOT haze!

Phi Sigma Kappa has taken a very strong stand on the issue of hazing, as well as other risk management issues. Our national policies state that any chapter caught hazing will be closed. Hazing practices and activities are a thing of the past, and have no relevance or purpose in today's fraternity environment, let alone in Phi Sigma Kappa itself.

Hazing is taken seriously at Ferris State University and the practice is prohibited by the University. If a student organization is found to haze its members, the organization faces penalties including removal from campus. Individual students may also face University judicial charges and sometimes criminal charges. To assist Ferris State University a Hazing hotline has been implimented for new member safety.

The Ideals of Phi Sigma Kappa
Phi Sigma Kappa is a model fraternity whose purpose is to create gentlemen and leaders for life. Our mission is to be a strong Brotherhood that supports each other in all our endeavors.

The following fundamental aspects and values are at the heart of who we are:

Brotherhood We are Brothers, more than friends. We are members of an extended family who will support each other forever.

Scholarship Knowledge is power and we are committed to the highest academic standings and the gain of wisdom.

Character We are men of a high degree of character. We are honorable, ethical, moral gentlemen of the highest caliber.

Social We are a social fraternity that promotes social activities that will foster life-long memories.

Athletics We are a well-rounded fraternity that excels in all athletic activities and supports our Brotherhood to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Charity We are a Brotherhood that makes a difference in the world through the support of charities and acts of goodness.

Leadership Our fraternity develops men into leaders. We are innovators, motivators and pioneers in our careers. We are men who make a difference in the world.

Pride We are proud of our close-knit Brotherhood and know that we can overcome anything as a team.

This is who we are. This is what we stand for. We are the
Gentlemen of Phi Sigma Kappa.

* Information available on the National Headquarters website.

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